Mechanical heart valves MIKS
Mechanical heart valves “MIKS”

More than 30 certificates of authorship and patents were received.
Mechanical heart valves ROSCARDIKS
Mechanical heart valves “ROSCARDIKS”

The design of the new “MIKS-ROSCARDIKS” valves is mass producing and implanting in clinics now.
Prosthetic rings for valvuloplasty
Prosthetic rings for valvuloplasty

The tissue annulus diameter of the rings is from 26 to 36 mm increased every two millimeters.

Sizers and holders

For the correct choice of the ring company also have sizers of the same shape and size.
Aortic Valved Grafts
Aortic Valved Grafts

According the clinic’s orders we can produce the Aortic Valved Grafts (AVG) combined either MIKS or MIKS-ROSCARDIKS both aortic valves with vascular grafts.