Prosthetic rings for valvuloplasty

The prosthetic rings ROSCARD are intended for needs of recovering cardiac surgery of tricuspid and mitral both heart valves for either the procedure of the elimination of enlargment of the fibrotic ring along its perimeter

The ROSCARD rings are made in Russia according to Technical Specifications  9444—003—18103798—2004.

Both tricuspid and mitral prosthetic rings are manufactured by the Carpantier-like design rings and with a larger gap. The tissue annulus diameter of the rings is from 26 to 36 mm in increments of 2 mm.

The ROSCARD rings are made of cobalt alloy (the US analog is stellit). This material ensures durability, elasticity and possibility for the radiographic visualization of the device after its implantation.

Every ring has a complex-shaped profile body, a silicone tube with hermetic closed ends that puts on the body, and the fabric jacket covering the whole device. The jacket can be made either of smooth polyester knit string (Code St) or even with a «lapel» designed string (Code Lp) for better convenience when suturing. Special markers on the jacket are brought for right placement of the ring, better sutures distribution, and making easier the determination the right diameter of the device.

To choose right size of the ring, the sizers of the same form and size spectrum have been manufactured. The universal flexible handle of this sizer is made of titanium. The flexibility of the handle helps to optimize the placement of the ring onto the annulus.

List of products

'Roscard' specifications

The small tissue annulus diameters of ’ROSCARD’ rings as well their configuration provides a surgeon with an opportunity to:

  • reduce the risk of thromboembolic complications,
  • decrease the period of anticoagulant therapy,
  • decrease the anticoagulant-therapy complications.